VZfit Virtual Reality Cycling for Oculus Quest and Go

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VZ Sensor Kit-1
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Do you like exercise from sports and outdoor activities, but can't get it every day? The VZfit Cycling Entertainment System includes sensors for your stationary bike, and virtual sports and activities for your Oculus Quest or Go. Play solo or head-to-head to win upgrades, reach goals, and compete on leaderboards and prize events. Command a tank in Thunder Bowl, ride the countryside in Le Tour, fly a Pegasus in Gate Race and Gem Hunt, pilot a chopper in River Run, and race F1 cars in Oval and Curvy Race, or cycle the world with a personal trainer in Explorer. VZfit content is extended and improved monthly by dedicated developers and has two membership options. Free membership provides access to rotating games and rides while Premium membership allows unlimited anytime access and additional benefits for $9.95/mo or $99.95/yr membership.